Writing Prompt: Music

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

I believe this quote to be true, as music can describe a lot of feelings and personalities, that a person of any nationality will be able to understand. Music can be sad, happy, mysterious etc. But it can also describe a funny personality og maybe a depressive one. It can even go as far as to describe a nationality for us. Just think about it – you most likely have an idea about what South American, Asian or African music sounds like.

In many ways music can describe things, that we would have to use words to express elsewise. The thing about music is that its universal – everybody simply understand messages in music. The problem about any language like English – or Danish for that sake – is that our words are not universal. A really sweet quote in Danish for instance, can sound agressive to a non-Danish speaker. With music this is not the case, everybody can understand the mood of a piece of music, and will probably be able to connect personalities and nationalities to it.

So i support the statement that music is a universal language, as it can be related to things that we would have used words to describe. I also think that this is why foreign music that we can’t understand, still gets popular – like when a french song, becomes the biggest summer hit in Denmark.


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