Writing prompt: Summer hit

“Last summer everybody was listening to that song, it was playing everywhere”

People tend to listen to exotic songs, when the summer vibe comes on. They usually have a happy tone, and often talk about love.

A good example of this, is when the French song “est ce que tu m’aimes” by “Maître Gims” ruled the Danish hit lists during the summer of 2016.  Everybody was listening to it, and was talking about what the lyrics might mean, as only very few Danes actually speak French.

This song however, were unique as a summer hit, as it doesn’t have a particularly happy tone, like most summer hits do. Though it´s really catchy, and brings a new dimension to pop music, in the way that it´s sung.

It´s not a new thing that summer hits in a language that are not commonly spoken in Denmark becomes so popular. Just think back on the Brazilian-Portoguese song “Ai se eu te ego” or the Spanish song “Macarena”, which everybody still remember, even though that the majority of us, don´t even have a clue about what the lyrics mean.

I think that people like this kind of foreign music, as it gives an exotic touch, with a twist of holiday. This bring us into our best summer mood, and we all just love the summer holidays – right?


Main picture: Ultra Music Festival 2014 by Festivalphotography.co.uk


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