Hey, my name is Peter, I’m 17 years old and I currently study International Baccalaureate on Nyborg Gymnasium. I spend the last year of my life in Brazil, where I studied as well as travelled around. In my free time I like to do scuba diving, as well as I like to be with my friends, or just sit around and play PlayStation. Besides school I work as a writer on the website Insideflyer.com, where I write about travelling, good travel deals, and how to benefit from loyalty programs.

I live in Odense which is located in the middle of the island Funen, here I live with my sister, my parents and a Brazilian exchange student. I enjoy being around my family, but I also enjoy “escaping” sometimes, and take a weekend off to somewhere alone, or with my friends. Among my favorite destinations when I “escape” from the daily life, are Copenhagen and Amsterdam, which both are cities that I find calming and interesting. In general I have a big lust of traveling, which also builds the fundament for my job as a writer. I like to consider myself a globetrotter, and I have already visited 13% of all countries on the world, but I definitely intend to increase this number throughout my life. I hope that you guys will enjoy my blog, where I continuously will post stuff related to my studies in English B HL.


Top photo: Private photo from travels